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News & Articles

Overburden drilling system HYPERBIT

Overburden Casing System HYPERBIT introduced by OCMA DrillTech for world market.

Micro piles Construction

MicroPiles with Casing System MEGABIT 143SU for bridge Construction in UK.

Megabit Casing System
OCMA DrillTech introduce the new Concentric Casing System MEGABIT.
Forepoling Tube Umbrella

Forepoling Drilling System - Tube Umbrella Drilling - will be show during the exhibition GEOFLUID 2014 in Piacenza - ITALY.

DTH Bit with 8000 meters

OCMA DrillTech DTH BIT reached the Record of 8000 meters drilled in quarry.



Test New DTH Hammer
OCMA DrillTech is designing the new series of DTH hammers.
About Us

OCMA DrillTech was founded in 1976 with the focus to produce high quality rock drilling equipment according to a model that answered to specific requirements in the drilling field.

From its inception, OCMA DrillTech has had a clear vision and determined focus giving priority towards:

- Highest design specifications

- Best Manufacturing methods and processes

- High Quality

- Delivery of superior product to the customer


The OCMA DrillTech DTH HAMMERS are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 principles to provide distinct advantage to the user in terms of performance, reliability, service life and cost effectiveness.

Our Corporate strategy is to make the customer the focal point of everything we do, and through a World Class Business approach, meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

At the beginning of the year 2000, we began production of a new generation range of Down the Hole Hammers PMK Range and now this top quality equipment is bringing a whole host of advantages to the rock drill industry in terms of: increased drilling speeds, longer service life, greater reliability with ease of maintenance and maximum operating cost effectiveness. With the series PMK DTH Hammers OCMA DrillTech revolutionized air flow management, utilizing a new technology to minimize backflow and turbulence, making the DTH Hammers more performant.

In 2002 our Technical Department projected and introduced the new range of PMK Stabilized DTH HAMMERS, in order to minimize the deviations of the drilling axis with excellent results. We are proud of this patent and are the only manufacturers of these hammers in the world. Other innovations have been introduced over the years, these are the PHS Series Shock Absorbers for DTH HAMMERS, built for DTH Hammers from 4 "to 12". 

During 2003 we added DTH Drill Bits to our range of products.  As with the Hammers, the Drill Bits have quickly established themselves among the world leaders. OCMA DrillTech has become the industry’s performance leader in rock driling tools due to extensive research and development, superior designs, unique processes and the highest engineering standards, coupled with a rigorous quality control culture and an excellent understanding of the metallurgical experience.

We continually strive to give the drillers the best products to enable them to achieve the highest possible productivity for their investment and this is why OCMA DrillTech has now become - "The Driller's Choice". Our quality means your success, so if you are looking for the fastest, most productive DTH HAMMER in the World PMK range is your solution.